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I was apparently the subject of argument between my department head and the store manager today. Lou, my supervisor works mostly in the back, handling deliveries and stuff like that, while I work in the front handling orders, answering the phone and working with the customers. Well Mr. Graham the store manager was decided, that Lou shouldn't be working in the back, because he's a supervisor and shouldn't be doing dirty work. Lou tried to explain to him, that he'd rather have me at the desk and himself in the back. But apparently Mr. Graham wouldn't listen.

After that, Mr. Graham called me desk and asked that I page someone to his office. Before I got the chance, a women showed up at my desk with 3 boxes (30 items) of things she wanted to return. Now Mr. Graham impresses upon us that customers come first, so I processed the return before paging Sandy. Unfortunately in the mean time I completely forgot to make the page. Simple human mistake. Well Mr. Graham decided to call my desk and chew me out for not calling Sandy for him. So I've figured out this means, costumers come first unless he needs something. Then they have to wait.

And to think, I loved my job, yesterday.
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