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Useless survey


The first one is an alphabetical survey. it will be fun.

A-If you could be any ANIMAL in the ocean, what would you be?
A dolphin

B- Other than food, what is the last thing you BOUGHT for yourself?
The stuff for my halloween costume

C-What COUNTRIES have you been to?
USA and Canada

D-What is your favorite ride at DISNEYLAND?
Never been to Disneyland, just Disneyworld

E-Do you believe in ESP?

F-Have you ever FAKED an orgasm?

G-Have you ever fired a real GUN?

H-Regarding surfing, do you know what the term "HANG Ten" means?

I-Is Michael Jackson INNOCENT or GUILTY?

J-Do you wear JEWELRY?
A neckalace with two charms on it and a ring

K-Have you ever KILLED an animal?

L-What was the LAST thing you mailed?
A bill

M-Who is your favorite MUPPET character?
Miss Piggy

N-Have you ever been to a NUDIE bar?

O-Regarding ORAL sex, would you rather give or receive?
Receiving, its been a while..

P-Did you attend PRESCHOOL?

Q-Do you know what a QUAHOG is?
Raised in Massachusetts, no, I have no idea

R-Have you ever RIDDEN a horse?                                                                                                                                                 Yup and I feel of

S- Have you ever played an organized SPORT?

T-Do you owe or are you getting money back from last year's TAXES?
Getting back, I think

U-Do you own an UMBRELLA?

V-Do you exercise your right to VOTE?
Haven't gotten the chance

W-What's your ideal WEATHER forecast?
No hotter then 70, puffy white clouds and light mid day shower

X-What was your last X-RAY u had taken?
My hip,pelvis and lower back

Y-Do you own a YELLOW shirt?
Yeah its a tank

Z -How many ZIP/POST codes have you lived in?
Too many

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