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Is it adnormal to wake up on your day off and actually want to be at work? Not that my day is going poorly, or a I'm bored or anything. I just like my job and like most people could use the money. So honestly I'd rather be working, even if I have to dress like a total poser to work there. I hate sweaters, dress pants and loafers. Give me my tees-hirts, jeans and sneakers any day.

I've decided to take my brother to the Lightning/Capitals game on October 28th, though I'm not sure why, since they got rid of half their team. I haven't heard anything on Vinny yet. I'll have to look about on line and see. Anyway, it's a charity game so the seats a bit cheaper, so I told him I'd pay for him and one friend. I'm a good sister... kinda.

That's about it for me. Things in my life don't seem to change at all. Sometimes the people do, but that's not something you can't really help. While some people do things that may shock the hell out of you, it's not worth fretting over. And wow did that sound like a random babble.
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