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So Jay told me I was pretty yesterday. Which I'm sure wouldn't be a big deal to most people, but if your selfesteem is as low as mine, if an attractive man, especially one that doens't like girls, tells you you're pretty its a big thing. Sadly he's leaving today for his weekend on base, then he has Monday off to recover and I'm off Tuesday. Thus meaning no Jay until Wednesday. It's gonna be a long few days, I'll have noone to talk to without my partner in crime.

I finally have a Sunday off! Thank God. This working every weekend thing is really getting old. Though I do find it interesting how I can't have the weekend off when Jay doesn't have drill and could easily cover for me, but when he's away at the base and the only person availible if Lou, I get it off. Marleen, the new manager is an idiot. And a bitch, but that's another story.
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