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So after over a year of nagging from my best real life friends, and a weeks of my closest online friends ganging up on me, I've finally bit the bullet and picked up Harry Potter. I'm not entirely sure of my feelings about it yet though. It is better than I thought it would be, but it's nowhere near as great as I was lead to believe. But since everyone keeps saying they get better as you go along, I will be picking up the next book on the way to work today.

This is definitely not a fandom I could see myself joining. There's too much shit to remember, and I tend not to pay attention to things that don't interest me. Not to mention the amount of info that you can't even get from the books. Where do people get all this stuff anyway?

I have decided that krissy22247 is a complete loon thanks to my new reading material. She's been singing the praises of Snape and Draco for a while now. In the movies they don't come off as half as evil as they do in the book, so it was easy for me to see where she would think that have a good side. But man, when I read about them in the books, I dont understand how anyone could like them. They're ten times meaner on the page, than on the screen.

I have developed a fondness for the Weasley twins however. They're just fun. Harry, even though it's his story I could take or leave. He's not that important to me. How sad is that?
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