Maryann (mrsbanks99) wrote,

Tagged by thestalkycop

Rules: If you are “tagged”, make a new LJ entry and list your 5 weirdest/quirkiest habits. At the end, list 5 people who you tag.

1. I can't sleep if the tv is on because it's too loud and bright, but I can sleep with the light and fan on, despite the brightness and buzzing of the fan.

2. Sometimes pictures of cute things like puppies, and babies make me cry.

3. I hate Moutain Dew and Cool Ranch Doritos, but always crave them when I'm on the rag.

4. I'm addicted historical fiction movies, especially those about WWII

5. I get pissed if people eat the rest of whatever, I don't finish and put back in the fridge for later. I get the most angry if it's pizza.

I tag krissy22247 , _stardazed_ , heidi_69_420 , orpheous87 , g2baleopard
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